Lysa Wilkins

Lysa Wilkins

My testimonial:

I decided I wanted to work with a nutritionist to learn to eat better and to gain support in my (constant) quest to loose weight. Two things happened almost immediately – 1) I learned that Nathalie is much MUCH more than “just a nutritionist” and 2) when you have the support and understanding of a qualified nutritionist that constantly thinks outside the box, loosing weight becomes a far second to simply learning more about your body and what you put in it.

Each and every session I had with Nathalie provided me with new and interesting discoveries and information about health, nutrition and the human body. Her style of teaching is that of a coach, someone who is supporting you and encouraging you to take the tools and information she gives you and move forward in your progress independently rather than someone who simply gives you information and wishes you luck! She is a partner with every step of her program.

I plan on “continuing my education” with Nathalie and hope to enlighten many of my friends and family with her expertise. And one more thing – she is amazing at Thai Yoga Massage!!

Thank you!
Lysa Wilkins

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As a 55 year old woman who is healthy and reasonably fit, I wasn't sure that I needed nutrition counseling with Nathalie. I decided to give it a try and now, as I am about to sign up for my second session, I realize that my previous knowledge was generalized and not geared to my own body. I have learned a great deal about the Ayurvedic  and Chinese approaches to nutrition, but Nathalie has adapted many of these principals so that her suggestions are practical and easy to  integrate into my lifestyle. I highly recommend Nathalie to anyone who is interested in achieving and maintaining good health.

Sherry Leventhal

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Meeting Nathalie has been the most inspiring thing that has happened to me in the past few years! People come into your life for a reason and Nathalie came to me to prove that I could be free of pain and anguish both physically and emotionally. She has an infectious sense of joy and well-being and is also adept at understanding where I am at a given time and space. Whether it is her massage techniques or yoga encouragement or her healthy lifestyle initiatives Nathalie is someone anyone can learn from and it is a gift to be in her presence. I would be remiss to not mention how a massage with Nathalie provides the body/mind a new beginning......

See you soon,
Yvonne Baehr-Robertson

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Brian Gentry

Brian Gentry in the Buddha Pose

Working with Nathalie has improved my quality of life. From the Thai Yoga massages that improve my physical AND mental health to the nutritional counseling that has made me much more aware of the importance of what/when/how I eat, meeting Nathalie has been a blessing.

Have a blessed day,
Brian Gentry

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Knowing Natalie has been a warming experience for me – every time I see her, her face lights up with a true and caring light. Her radiance is infectious.

Diana Cullum Dugan, RD, LD, RYT

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Nathalie Blitz is a very enthusiastic person, full of life and creativity. She is passionate about what she is doing and she communicates that sense of passion to others. At the same time, she is a also thoughtful person, she always likes to make sure that - whenever she takes commitments - she will honour them. That is because of her high sense of ethics, her strong bonds to friends and family, and her caring and loving nature.

All these qualities make her uniquely gifted to take care of her clients.

Cecile Katz

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I was driving by on Main Street in Watertown and noticed a sign at a yoga place that also offered massages. I decided to check and discovered they offered Thai massages which sounded interesting so I booked an appointment. That’s how I met Nathalie more than 3 years ago and I’ve been a dedicated client ever since that chance meeting.

Nathalie is an exceptional massage therapist; she knows exactly where I need special attention and is able make me feel “normal” again after each session. A relationship between a client and her massage therapist requires trust and I trust her explicitly. She has the ability to make me feel comfortable and relaxed without even trying. I can’t tell you how many times prior to our sessions where I’m tensed, stressed and just feeling out of sorts, but after an hour and half with her I feel like I can do backflips or climb Mt. Everest (I don’t, but I feel I can…).

I’ve gone to many massage therapists before, some I’ve liked and some I’ll never go back to, but she’s the only one I’ve had such a long-time relationship with. I’ve recently recommended her to my family & friends as I’ve been a bit selfish and wanted to make sure she had time for me. So far the feedback I’ve received from family and friends is they also think she is fabulous!

Tina Chin 

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Dear Nathalie,

Thank YOU for bringing us all together for a healthy Thursday evening!  I had such a nice time listening, laughing and learning more about myself and my friends. I have definitely noticed a difference in my energy (I have stayed away from white potatoes, pasta and bread since Friday morning and I feel really good. Also - I am sleeping well. I only wake at night if Christian stirs (which is less frequent now since his digestive tract is a probably less tight).

I look forward to seeing you again in the near future (as are the other ladies). I think you did a wonderful job managing us and our crazy sense of humor.  One of the most important things you did was make everyone feel important.  I never felt like you had somewhere else to be (even though it was late at the end of a work week).  You allowed everyone the time she needed to share her thoughts, needs and questions.  I also loved how you asked us what we thought we could do before giving us advice.  

It is powerful to meet someone that is doing what she is passionate about.  I will be in touch. My family thanks you.

Elizabeth Goranson 

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I am so grateful to have found a Thai massage therapist such as yourself. Your creativity shines through your technique and your touch is one that both guides and listens. Thanks to our treatments I have acquired more flexibility in my life: Physically, my joints and muscles have opened; Emotionally, I am more centered and flexible to life's challenges. Your intuition never ceases to amaze me as you always know exactly where I am holding tension in my body. Through our sessions I am able to let go of the stress. I have received and studied Thai massage both in the US and in Thailand. A session with you unites all that I have experienced in parts with other therapists.


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I would like to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Thai yoga massage from Nathalie. I have had two sessions with her and she is excellent. I love Thai massage and have had many different practitioners over the years so I appreciate the expertise and fine skills that I have experienced  with Natalie.

Joyce M.

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I hope that your other clients tell you what an amazing job you appear to "give your all" when you do the Thai massage and find desperately needed areas to either remove soreness or add drained energy.

:)  Peter 

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Hi Nathalie,

I  just wanted to thank you for your help, you've been such a great inspiration to me and in helping me kick my bad habits. I really appreciate you and your guidance and good nature and i just wanted to say thanks. I think with you I'll be able to make a big change in my diet and with my I know I don't have too much to work on but if you could just get me over the idea of eating bad things i will be forever greatful to you.

Take care,

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